Who Will Win IPL 2018 & Why? [Prediction]

It has been more than a month of the brand new competition of Indian Premier League, we are witnessing a lot of action-packed thrillers!

The magic of IPL is spelling on the Indian fans seen in all the corner of streets in India. It has been seen with jam-packed stadiums and the silent roads of every evening.

IPL has become an incredible brand in these days! We have seen lots of unpredictable actions in this forthright.

Let’s have some of the recaps!

1. Re-emergence of Chris Gayle, “The Universe Boss”

The greatest entertainer of T20 cricket, Gayle storm became timid last time. So RCB hasn’t retained him and no franchises have shown interest while picking him.

Chris-Gayle-IPL 2018-63-ball-104-not-out
Chris Gayle’s (Kings XI Punjab) 63-ball 104* blockbuster was his 21st T20 century and sixth in the IPL tournament. It included 11 sixes and one four. (Source: PTI)

Finally, he was sold to KINGS11 at the base price. The gamble proved profitable as he scored a century and 3 half centuries along with 25 sixes till now.

It’s just trailer! We are definitely witnessing a GRAND movie.

2. CSK and RR are back

Both teams were banned for 2 years for different reasons. However, they are back in the game this time and performing very well too!

CSK and RR are back in IPL 2018

Chennai is on the second position of the IPL 2018 point table while Rajasthan is on the 6th place right now.

3. Gautam Gambhir has stepped down of the Captainship of Delhi Daredevils

As the team wasn’t performing well and his own performance is below par; Gautam Gambhir stepped down as a caption of the team.

Gautam Gambhir has stepped down of the Captainship of Delhi Daredevils IPL 2018

The mantle has been passed on to the young and talented cricketer, Shreyas Iyer.

It very hard to predict who will win IPL 2018.

Virender Sehwag rightly quotes, “Cricket Aisa Game Hai, Yahaan Sare Predictions Fail Hai!”

We are still almost a month away to get an answer and  27th May 2018 (Verdict day or IPL finale) will unfold it. But the forthright hinted about it.

Here’s the Point Table for this season of IPL tournament that determines who will win IPL 2018.

IPL 2018 Point Table

Pos Team M W L D NRR Pts
1  Sunrisers Hyderabad 14 9 5 0 0.284 18
2  Chennai Super Kings 14 9 5 0 0.253 18
3  Kolkata Knight Riders 14 8 6 0 -0.070 16
4  Rajasthan Royals 14 7 7 0 -0.250 14
5  Mumbai Indians 14 6 8 0 0.317 12
6  Royal Challengers Bangalore 14 6 8 0 0.129 12
7  Kings XI Punjab 14 6 8 0 -0.502 12
8  Delhi Daredevils 14 5 9 0 -0.222 10

*Last updated on 24th May 2018 @12.00 AM

Let’s predict which team will win the title of IPL 2018 by analyzing each of them.

1. Mumbai Indians

Defending champions and winner of 3 IPL titles, MI is probably the most balanced team of the tournament.

It has been rather hard luck to them so far. They played 12 matches; lost 6 tight matches, destroyed in 1 match where they couldn’t even chase 118 runs against Sun Risers Hyderabad.

5 matches they won against RCB, CSK, KXIP, and KKR. It’s become a talk of the town as they couldn’t cross the line. They have 3 matches left to play. Once they have to win all of them to enter into top 4 qualifying teams. And, we were thinking, “Is that possible?”

“Probably yes! Or No!”

“Maybe they can… They had done it before.”

And, they made it this year too. They could only blame themselves for their bottom position. Their bowling and batting department was not clicking at a time!

Only proper gelling was required.

But it’s too late and hard to come back in the game. They are currently ranking in the top 6 position.

I Don’t think, they will qualify this time because they are not playing as a team and lots of inconsistencies in the performance of players. The last couple of matches have shown that they can change the game anytime still it’s very difficult for now.

Captain Rohit Sharma is not directing the team in the right direction.

  • Probability in top 4: 40%
  • Probability of winning the title: 30% (Probability will be increased if they could qualify in the top 4)

2. Delhi Daredevils

Same old story! Table toppers from the bottom as usual but they have improved their game and currently holding 8th position in IPL point table!

Problems already spreading the wings as Captain Gautam Gambhir already stepped down.

The team is equipped with some serious talent, still not clicking. Overseas players not performing consistently! Some serious introspection needed!

But here is Silver lining! Their new Captain has played a blinder as soon as he crowned! They destroyed KNR before a few days. How can we forget that?

What a knock played by Shreyas Iyer! They could do it if the momentum continues but not possible this year!

  • Probability in top 4: 0%
  • Probability of winning the title: 0%

3. Royal Challengers Bangalore

Where is the challenge?

Someone should go and tell them that team can’t win merely by 1-2 superstars!

A couple of big names like Virat Kohli & A.B. de Villiers can win you 3-4 games, but not the championship.

It needs a teamwork indeed! Their bowling department is poorest among all the teams. Their batting department is powerful but bowing department hasn’t the strength to defend any mammoth total they set. They have to do something out of the box to live in the tournament.

My prediction about this team is” no” this year too. There is also another angle to see. All the major players they excluded are performing exceptionally well!

What happens when they entered into RCB?

Virat Kohli has a limited option to choose from. They needed serious motivation to live in the competition.

They are in the 7th position. Won 5 matches out of 12 matches but have positive strike rate. They need not only wins but the big victories leaving opponents miles behind.

  • Probability in top 4: 20%
  • Probability of winning the title: 20%

4. Rajasthan Royals

Welcome back Royals!

A newly built team branded with lots of potential players around. Some players showed the glimpse of their potential in this forthright.

The only thing they have to look for is the right combination of the players. As they are going to play away, later on, the challenge of supporter will be needed to motivate them.

However, good team spirit has seen till now. With the below 50% marks; they are in the 4th position with 6 wins and 7 losses out of 13 matches they played. They have only a match to show their talent and qualify for the play-off.

My prediction is that this team could end up with 3-4 places and qualify in top 4.

However; next level would be hard to qualify for them…

They have one good news that their mentor Shane Warne, under whose leadership RR won the first ever IPL title is back to motivate them. He could be the big X-factor for RR.

Let us fingers crossed!

  • Probability in top 4: 30%
  • Probability of winning the title: 30%

5. Kolkata Knight Riders

Owned by the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, this team has been equipped with the ample bench strength of Indian Cricket.

KKR is known for its style and flavour…

2 times champions, KKR team looks settle with the balanced bowling and batting attack. This team seems relying on their old monks under the new caption, Dinesh Karthik and not many changes have been made in the new bidding process.

KKR is the strong contender for the top 4 teams. The only grey area of this team is its fast bowling line up. It doesn’t look scary at all.

KKR have the effective spin department to cover it but nowadays their best spinner, Sunil Narine got hitting as his bowling is readable for other teams.

Surely needs to work on bowling department if they want to move to top four. Currently, they are in the 3rd position with 7 wins and 6 losses out of 13 matches they played. They have a negative run rate.

  • Probability in top 4: 60%
  • Probability of winning the title: 50%

6. Sun Risers Hyderabad

If the bowling is the grey department for KKR, it’s strongest for Sun Risers Hyderabad. They defended their par-below totals of 118 and 133 against MI and KXIP respectively in back-to-back matches.

Its bowling attack is proving the best in forthright matches.

However, the team needed strong batting line-up to chase the targets. Their batting line hasn’t been tested much so far.

They will have to improve their batting line up. They have already qualified the top 4 chart and will end up anything between 1st or 2nd spot.

Their probability of winning will be more if they batted first and set the target. Currently, they are in the top position with 9 wins and 3 losses out of 12 matches they played. They also have a positive run rate.

  • Probability in top 4: 100%
  • Probability of winning the title: 75%


This is a team to watch for in this 2018 edition of IPL.

Already hit jackpots with Chris Gayle in their team, all departments are doing well with this team.

Although the players like Yuvraj Singh and Miller yet to contribute in the team favour, everyone knows they can literally murder the opposition on given day.

Team looks settle and well poised in 4-5 ranks in the forthright. I will bet on this team if I have to choose among the new teams picking the IPL trophy.

All the departments are overhauled and performing well enough. The team looks hungry to win.

The X-factor of the team is its proven batting line-up which can be boasted as the strongest in the tournament flourishing under the new cunning captainship of R. Ashwin and coaching of Virender Sehwag. My prediction for this team is that they may qualify the top 4 of this IPL edition.

Currently, they are in the 5th position with 6 wins and 6 losses out of 12 matches they played. They have a negative run rate.

  • Probability in top 4: 65%
  • Probability of winning the title: 60%

8. Chennai Super Kings

Whistle Podu doing it again and again!

It’s Dhoni’s team… started marching ahead from the beginning of the IPL. It has been the most loved team of the tournament.

They know how to win the close encounters. They’ve already snatched lots of victories from the jaws of defeats. Look at the encounters of the forthright! Their “never say die” attitude makes the team venerable.

This is a team of old guns blended with new blooded flavours and magic has been seen everywhere. I personally think that they will notch in top 4 teams but I don’t think they will lift the IPL trophy because I don’t see the bench strength is as able as the players playing right now. However, the teamwork of CSK is unbeatable.

Currently, they are in the 2nd position with 8 wins and 4 losses out of 12 matches they played. They have positive run rate too.

  • Probability in top 4: 100%
  • Probability of winning the title: 90%

Taking into the consideration of all the strengths and weakness of the teams, it may conclude that that best team will win.

The human nature stands on the future predictions! It’s an excitement in predictions!

The team which will show the right intent, motivation, patience with the out of box thinking will be a winner of Vivo IPL 2018! We, the spectators will witness the great battles, surely!

We must enjoy these moments rather than predicting who will win IPL 2018.

Am I right?

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